Science and Skepticism Omnibus Meetup Publicity

Posted on March 14th, 2008 by blue collar scientist

The upcoming meetup for science buffs and skeptical thinkers - to be held at 7:00 PM, Thursday, March 20, in the cafe at Barnes & Noble on Northern Lights in Anchorage - has received some very high profile publicity, and I’d like to thank everyone for helping out.

PZ Myers has given his blessing on Pharyngula, the 500 pound gorilla octopus of science blogs, although someone pointed out to me that it looks like we have made him sad by not inviting him to attend personally. Actually, if you read carefully, the sadness is because we didn’t invite him and offer to pay his way. Maybe PZ should be told that the beginning of breakup is not an attractive season to visit Alaska. As I write, I’ve had about 150 hits referred from PZ’s blog or its mirrors.

The Bad Astronomer has also blogged about it, which has the effect of getting the announcement into the USA Today Alaska-edition feed, which I know a lot of local people read. The BA has driven about 75 hits to our announcement, combining the traffic from his blog and the USA Today feed. Also, I have finally figured out what a “BA-Blogee” is, and it is the same thing as what I styled a Bad Astronomy Buddy. I’m not sure why I wasn’t able to grok this prior to now, but I assure you, from here on out I will refer to BA fans (including myself) with the officially sanctioned nomenclature. (Did you actually get that through the IAU General Assembly, Phil?)

The Shepchick blog has done an over-the-top job of promoting us, too. Whereas I expected Rebecca to add our event to the Skepchick calendar and move on to more interesting things, what she actually did was add us to the calendar and then write a great post with a pertinent and eye-catching headline. When I saw it I got all excited - “cool,” I thought, “I get to go to a GEEK MEETUP!” - then I realized I was the guy organizing it and began to doubt my qualifications as a rational thinker. And so we’ve had about 60 hits from the Skepchicks blog.

So, that’s about 285 unique hits from these three bloggers, and Anchorage folks who didn’t know about us before learned about us from all three of these sites. So thanks a bunch, guys! Now I’m wondering what to expect. A few people have e-mailed me or commented that they are going to attend, or try to; but I wonder what percentage of the traffic that isn’t resulting in e-mails or blog comments are (a) Alaskans, who (b) are planning to attend? If it is even 10%, we’re going to have a lot more people than I anticipated. Which would be really cool. I expect the promotion conducted at my talk on exoplanets will get a few people out to join us as well.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this, so don’t be surprised to see me promote it a couple more times over the next week.

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